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Nokia 808 PureView : A Technical Review of The “Super Star”

You remember the video¬†Nokia¬†released last week in which we were invited to wait for a phone with a video camera and photos¬†with quality and technology out of the ordinary¬†, for it is here and is called¬†Nokia 808 PureView¬†. Before diving into the section that gives meaning to the phone practically, we bring you the answer […]

Joybee GP2 : A Portable Projector for iPhone

Company¬†BenQ introduced¬†a portable projector Joybee GP2.¬†Toward a new projector, you can connect your iPhone and iPod touch using a standard dock connector.¬†The projector has support for the DLP, which improves image quality, and reproduces the image size of up to 160 inches. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX2x9JVEFe0[/youtube] Joybee GP2 has two built-in 2-watt speakers, 2GB of internal memory, a […]

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LG PRADA Partnership Agreement Renewed to Build Phone PRADA K2

LG Electronics¬†has announced it has renewed its exclusive agreement with the famous fashion house Prada to create a new “Fashion phone” in 2012.¬†The product is known today as¬†Prada Phone by LG 3.0¬†, but according to the first¬†rumors¬†could be called¬†LG PRADA K2¬†.¬†And the first leaked images show only so evocative lines of the design under development. […]

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Lumia 710-800-900 :The Most Awaited Nokia Smartphones

At the ongoing Nokia World show in London, the Finnish manufacturer presented its first smartphone running Windows Phone 7.5. Lumia 710, formerly known as¬†Nokia Sabre¬†, was 1.4-GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and 8 GB of internal memory (a memory card support up to 16GB), 3.7-inch WVGA TFT-screen and a 5 megapixel camera with the possibility […]

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MotoACTV- A Rival iPod Nano by Motorola

The company¬†Motorola has created a¬†rival¬†iPod Nano¬†called MotoACTV.¬†Novelty is a small electronic device, attached to his hand, which makes it easy to use even while jogging. MotoACTV equipped with a 600 MHz processor and weighs just 35 grams.¬†MotoACTV combines touch watch with GPS support with a music player.¬†For those looking for hours for training, must like […]

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Android 4.0 and The New Smartphone Galaxy Nexus Introduced

Today in Hong Kong,¬†as expected¬†, introduced a new flagship smartphone and Google’s new operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich The new “google phone” was named Galaxy Nexus, because¬†novelty – a joint project of Samsung and Google. Specifications of the device fully comply with the previously found themselves in the network: – Android 4.0 Ice […]

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Meet the new google phone “Galaxy Nexus”

After the presentation,¬†fail the iPhone 4S¬†many were looking forward to October 11th – the day was to be held a joint press conference Google and Samsung.¬†Already there were rumors that it will be submitted to¬†a new ‘google phone’¬†, but no one knew of its characteristics.¬†And then they hit the net. Interestingly, the smartphone is not […]

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Why Android Smartphones So Rarely Get Updates?

Android smartphones get operating system updates, usually only with delays, if any.¬†This is due to complex interplay between Google, the smart phone manufacturers and providers.¬†There is little remedy: Creating Self-hand, just buy the Nexus models from Google – and in our table to see which manufacturer advises the customer on the longest. For a cell […]

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PC AT200:Toshiba Demonstrated “Slimmest Tablet” in the World

Toshiba at IFA 2011 demonstrated the “Slimmest Tablet PC” Named AT200. The manufacturer said that the tablet is the thinnest in the world with 10.1-inch tablet – with a case thickness of 7.7 mm. iPad2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 at the same time act as a catch-up – the thickness of 8.8 and 8.6 mm, […]

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I like Nokia 500 Because..

Just as there are completely different styles of people, there are completely different styles of phones, in addition, would result in happier every reasonable people in their own way in which bound. “Nokia phones” that we tend to the point here is for those who need their phone to try to get all the fundamental […]

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