Box Gives 50 GB of Storage for Android Users

Box Gives 50 GB of Storage to Android Users

Box Gives 50 GB of Storage for Android Users

The services of storage in the cloud have become an indispensable ally to have on hand from anywhere and any device, our documents and files that you can query, update and delete with ease. In fact, thanks to these services users can securely share files with your contacts or use these services in the cloud for their backups. Among the variety of existing services can find the popular Dropbox or Box and precisely, the latter has decided to give additional storage space to

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Firefox-8-integrates with twitter

Firefox 8 Integrates Twitter Search [Download]

Firefox-8-integrates with twitterMozilla will release tomorrow a new version of its Firefox browser, the eighth, but now available for download . This is the beta 6 released a few days ago has already received consideration of Release Candidate which means that unless it finds a major problem will be final. A word that in the case of Firefox is relative given the frequency with which introduced such innovations. In this case, the most visible is the integration of Web search Twitter.

Among the new features should also underline the default disabling of plug-ins to a third party program to ensure the security and the option of

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