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Supercapacitor can Charge a Smartphone within 30 Seconds [Video]

Eesha Khare, a 18 year old from California, it was confined to the second position Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, however, the invention presented left the public with an open mouth and attracted great interest in¬†Google¬†! The Khare created a supercapacitor that could charge a battery smartphone within 20-30 seconds and even with further […]

Bioluminescent Plants to Light our Streets Without Electricity

A Kickstarter project seeks to replace traditional lighting of our streets glowing plants, which would be produced by new advances in synthetic biology and genetic engineering.

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“Google Now” Receives Award for ‘Innovation of the Year’ by Prestigious Magazine

The “Google¬†Now” which is a personal assistant of¬†Android¬†¬†received the award for “Innovation of the Year” awarded by the American magazine “Popular Science”.¬†The publication is a reference in the field of technology and innovations have previously awarded as the particle accelerator Large Hadron Collider, the Toyota Prius hybrid car, the spacecraft Mars Rover Curiosity and even […]

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Microsoft Will Update Kinect for Windows

It would seem like only yesterday started selling the popular Kinect controller for the operating system Windows, and now Microsoft is preparing an updated version – 1.5 with new features. The most important innovation – a 10-point tracking, or tracking in “sitting mode.” Now the system will recognize the movement of the neck, head and […]

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The Evolution of Mobile Phones by Kyle Bean

It has been many years since the first mobile phone.¬†Many will remember that first model called Motorola¬†DynaTAC 8000X¬†that appeared on the market in 1983, becoming a success.That first cell phone was analog and its battery lasted only an hour’s conversation.¬†In many places it was known as¬†brick¬†or¬†brick¬†in English, for its size up to 30 centimeters and […]

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42% Potential Buyers of iPad 3, Already have an iPad 2

iPad3 Presentation Event 7th March 2012 – Latest Keynote News and Pictures Tomorrow is the day of ‘¬†iPad 3¬†(or ”¬†iPad HD¬†“), expected for some time and¬†indicated¬†already by many as the new success of the Cupertino company.¬†To confirm the goodness of these assumptions leads to a survey conducted by PriceGrabbe on a sample of approximately 2000, […]

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iPhone Controlled TopBrewer Makes Coffee for You – Video

The Scanomat prime Brewer is an incredible innovation in low brewers that dispenses low from a faucet, like it were water. The TopBrewer series is an innovative world initial that has created

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iPad3: I Guess Top 10 New Features

From the¬†iPhone¬†‘s development path, it is easy to see¬†Apple¬†‘s product strategy: Each release a revolutionary product, then it must be released enhanced products (small change) and then release the next generation of products (great changes, while improving its appearance and function).¬†If, iPad2 is iPad1 and enhanced products, then, iPad3 is the real big change. If […]

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