Infographics: The Anatomy of “Apple Rumour Kitchen”

Apple-RumoursBetween 2009 and 2010, Apple whole 15% of all tech news notch up. This figure is likely to have increased again until the end of 2011. No other company is more than reported.

But how precisely will the kitchen rumors around iPhone, iPad and Mac? As a rule, perpetually identical. somebody has heard one thing from somebody, who in flip heard from somebody.

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Texting Trend for Communication is Amazingly Growing in Teens.

Texting-Trend-for-Communication-is-Amazingly-Growwing-in-TeensAfter a shut encounter with a texting teen at a busy intersection recently, we have a tendency to wondered: Has texting taken over because the primary variety of communication for today’s teens?

We found our answer with this Infographic from Lab forty two, that polled five hundred social-networking Americans aged thirteen to twenty one.

The headline stat: seventy one of the respondents most popular texting to phone calling. however we’ve our doubts this self-reported two hundredth who admit texting whereas driving, a suspiciously low variety.