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Cunning Move of Microsoft Enhance the Popularity of Kinect

Microsoft┬ácame up with a cunning move to┬áincorporate Kinect directly to TVs that will further enhance the┬ápopularity of┬áKinect┬á.┬áEdition of The Daily┬áreports┬áthat the company plans to embed the sensor directly into the TV.┬áNegotiations in this regard are already underway with┬áSony┬áand┬áVizio┬á. Built Kinect will refuse to buy an Xbox 360,a computer connected to the TV ,┬áwith┬áthe appropriate version […]

Apple Plans to Introduce Face Recognition in iOS 5

According to 9to5Mac , Apple is coming to incorporate face detection capabilities in the next version of its smartphone / tablet platform, IOS 5. It is too early to tell precisely how the recognition of faces in IOS 5 can work, however, it seems that Apple plans to open it to developers through many of […]

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