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Dev-Team Released Jailbreak for iOS 5.1 for Tethered Devices Pre-A5

A few hours ago Apple released the new update for its operating system iOS , arrived at version 5.1 . Hackers have not been made ??to wait for the first tethered jailbreak of this new update.

iTunes U Access:Tool for Teachers to Direct the Subjects and Classes from iPhone

If iBooks 2 has been the tool for textbooks and iBooks Author has treated his publishers, Apple created iTunes U Access the application to change the way teachers teach the classes . From your iPhone may share, manage and direct their courses and lessons as you like and making students also receive the same information. In fact, the new application […]

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Fix iBooks DRM Issues On Jailbroken iOS 5.0.1 with Updated Corona 1.0-8

At the sooner stages of jailbreaking, i mean until iOS four completed its series of upgrades, it absolutely was a simple task to urge our iDevices jailbroken. Once Apple unharness an iOS update, soon the skillful programmers within the iOS jailbreak community were ready to get it jailbroken by exploiting the vulnerabilities in those iOS […]

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Apple Sold 350,000 of “Digital Textbook” in Just Three Days

Analysts at Global Equities Research estimated that over three days, visitors to the bookstore iBooks, owned by Apple , purchased 350 000 “digital textbook” for the tablet iPad . This writes the blog All Things Digital. Data on the number of books bought by Global Equities Research was using its own system for tracking sales. It also reported that users […]

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Apple Has Just Broken the Threshold of 400 Billion Dollars of Capitalization

Fresh of the announcements made during the event in New York ( iBooks  2 and Author iBooks ) that Apple has just broken the threshold of 400 billion dollars of capitalization . It is the first time that Cupertino reach this goal and despite a few hours after you reported is around 398 billion, is a rising really important for a company that continues to grind after […]

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Apple Introduced the iBooks 2, iBooks Author and iTunes U

To iPad is undoubtedly the most popular tablet that has been integrated in many commercial and non-sectors. Is the number one choice for students with more than 1.5 million devices in the area, with numerous educational applications specially designed for the larger screen. Thanks to iBookstore the range of options is extended significantly. The Apple goes even […]

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