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Huawei Presents the Smartphone with 6.1 inch Display!

Huawei Ascend Mate is¬†a giant smartphone¬†display with 6.1 inch display¬†and features literally mind-boggling: Quad-Core 1.8 GHz, resolution of 361 ppi,¬†4050 mAh battery¬†, and much more.Originally generated the Samsung Note, a giant smartphone that had to coin a terrible name, phablet, to put it in a category.¬†The race to the inch seems to have no end […]

Huawei’s Home-Made Quad-Core Processor Tops Benchmarks

The Chinese networking and telecommunications equipment company Huawei surprised everyone, which in this year’s MWC announced their latest flagship phone, Ascend D Quad XL if the processor was a homemade quad-core processor, and not an NVIDIA Tegra 3 or a Qualcomm.

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Huawei E369 Claims to be the Smallest

Although the phones are the stars of¬†MWC¬†2012¬†, companies have many different connectivity solutions.¬†Huawei for example in Barcelona were encouraged to teach their E369 card, the world’s smallest data The¬†Huawei E369¬†has a thickness of only 8 mm and a size of 65 mm x 24.5 mm.¬†The finish is quality and as differentiation, this modem¬†USB¬†can be purchased […]

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Mobile World Congress 2012: Story of The First Day is..

The first day of Mobile World Congress happened to many new features, in addition to adding information on the “day 0” on Sunday, where Sony and HTC were the protagonists.¬†Along with¬†Gizmodo¬†, covering all the news.

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