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Wavy hairstyle: The Most Favorite Hair Style of Stars

Wavy hair¬†it is the golden mean Never the less¬†between curly and smooth.¬†This¬†style¬†is not entirely mediocre, but very fashionable. ¬†every one like this hair style even Stars from Hollywood and other countries, just love to wear her hair in waves¬†¬†rather¬†¬†the look is glamorous or ¬†noble, sometimes youthful and casual¬†Blake Lively¬†sat down at a gala in New […]

HTC Introduced “Rhyme” :The First Smartphone for Women

It so happened that the availability of accessories and black, the new smartphone HTC Rhyme in RuNet dubbed as the female.¬†Although it would seem, where the grounds for thinking so? He¬†does not like red, pink and even without strazikov, and the girl’s application not … Nevertheless, smart and really focused on women.¬†In view of smartphone […]

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News Host Makes Great Fun of Kardashians [Video]

Kourtney Kardashian and Kim paid a visit to Fox 29 to talk about fashion, fame and glamor. They gave him a piece of his new clothing line, and said goodbye. After the segment, the news anchor man does not hide his disdain for pseudo celebrities.       [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCs1Q565E4g[/youtube] [Source: Comedywizard]

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