Neutrinos faster than light-a new test being

Most Memorable Scientific Errors

Neutrinos faster than light-a new test beingSome of the most famous scientific mistakes address topics related to physics, genetics or astronomy. In research, when working in a laboratory conducting experiments, it is very common to make mistakes. Today we make a brief summary of some of the most memorable scientific errors in various areas such as physics, astronomy and genetics.

The Nobel Prize Santiago Ramon y Cajal , besides being a great researcher in neurobiology, is famous for his writings and reflections, good science, or on more personal issues. He once said that “the worst is not making a mistake , but try to justify it

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Biological Father of Steve Jobs Wish to Meet Him

Abdulfattah-John-Jandali,Biological Father of Steve Jobs Wish to Meet Him

Latest Update:  His Son Steve Jobs Has Died. 

The man you see left is Abdulfattah John Jandali, an 80 year old yank immigrant from Syria who happens to be the vice president of a casino. Reno, Nevada. As you would possibly have guessed, the person you see before you if Steve Jobs’ dad.
Steve Jobs is really the result from an unwanted pregnancy. When Joanne Simpson, Jandali’s girlfriend at the time, became pregnant, her folks refused to permit her to marry her boyfriend since he was Syrian.

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