Meet the new google phone Galaxy Nexus

Meet the new google phone “Galaxy Nexus”

Meet the new google phone Galaxy NexusAfter the presentation, fail the iPhone 4S many were looking forward to October 11th – the day was to be held a joint press conference Google and Samsung. Already there were rumors that it will be submitted to a new ‘google phone’ , but no one knew of its characteristics. And then they hit the net.

Interestingly, the smartphone is not called Nexus Prime, as previously assumed, and the Galaxy Nexus.Thus, already from the title it is clear that the new product – a joint project of Samsung and Google.

So, here are the characteristics of the new Android-leader,

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Samsung "Galaxy Tab" Tablet Plus 7.0 Released [Features]  1

Samsung “Galaxy Tab” Tablet Plus 7.0 Released [Features]

Samsung -Galaxy Tab- Tablet Plus 7.0Samsung recently introduced Galaxy Tab Tablet Plus 7.0, upgrade version 7.0 release of Galaxy Tab how long ago but it is to display the Galaxy Tab 7.7. 

Size 193.6 x 122.4 x 9.9 mm and weighing 345 g, 7.0 Galaxy Tab Plus cleaner but thicker around 2:01 Galaxy Tab 7.7 mm and weighs more than 10 g. Both were running Android interface with Honeycomb 3.2 TouchWiz interface, but if Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is equipped with

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Android vs. Apple

Android vs. Apple:A War Over Patents.

Android vs. AppleThe Taiwanese company HTC continues to war with Apple over patents. The company again filed a lawsuit against Apple on the basis of patents, which she bought by Google last week.

A complaint filed with the Commission on International Trade in the U.S., and it is reported that the mobile device violates patents, which are associated with technology related to microprocessors and features Wi-Fi.

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