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Mark Zuckerberg is No More in

Mark Zuckerberg has born out of the highest Ten Most Powerful folks within the World when the botched securities market floatation of Facebook. But ¬†Now … Mark Zuckerberg is No More in the ¬†list of TOP 10 Word Most Powerful People”. The founding father of the social network fell from ninth to twenty-fifth place within […]

Find My Face:Google + Automatic Face Recognition

Google has added in recent days a new feature to its social networking Google +: It is a ”¬†Find My Face¬†“, A system of automatic recognition of faces on the photos you can tag auto users to encourage the recognition of friends and full awareness of the own photos uploaded by others. “Find My Face” […]

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Hi, Modern Smartphones Users! Your Privacy has Been Stolen

It is alert for Modern Smart Phones Users that their Privacy has Been Stolen and hacked. 25-year-old systems administrator from the State of Connecticut (USA) announced the discovery of modern¬†smartphone¬†in the tracking program, which collects information about users,¬†according to¬†Forbes¬†.¬†According to Trevor Eckhart, victims of data collection can be hundreds of millions of¬†Nokia smartphones and Blackberry¬†¬†users¬†, […]

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A Security Vulnerability in the Apple iPhone and iPad

According to an expert specializing in Apple products,¬†A security vulnerability affecting the iPhone and the iPad would¬†allow¬†hackers to¬†offer¬†applications that steal information, send SMS or destroy data, alerts. According to¬†Charlie Miller¬†, a researcher at security firm¬†Accuvant Labs¬†, a prototype of a malicious program, offered on the¬†App Store¬†, the Apple online store, has¬†confirmed¬†this vulnerability.¬†Malicious software has passed […]

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Late Steve Jobs Helped Mark Zuckerberg to Build Facebook ?

In some ways they’re very similar, however the news that Steve Jobs coached Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg still comes as a surprise, with the revelation returning because the Zuck was interviewed for a TV show by Charlie Rose. Zuckerberg, ranked range fourteen on the Forbes wealthy List, tells how the late Steve Jobs helped him […]

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World Most Expensive Dress Shoes For Men.

1:- Testoni Moro:- A Watervolour impression of 2010’s World most expensive shoe monk strap fitted with gold and diamond buckle. The price of¬†Testoni Moro is $38,000.  

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