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New Lie Detector Under the Eye Movements of Speaker

Researchers at the University of Buffalo have developed a new lie detector to determine whether the speaker is lying or not by the movements of his eyes. Of the total of 40 videotaped interviews, the system was able to correctly identify 82.5% of cases where candidates lie. This percentage indicates more accurately by both professionals and […]

Which One is Moving – The World or Me?

Scientists have identified two regions in the brain, which compare the eye movements of reaching the retina and visual movement. This is necessary in order to correctly perceive the movement of objects. These two regions, which is especially good for non-motion perception (as well as human eyes, even while moving), located in the rear of the top […]

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Tobii Gaze: Windows 8 is Controlled Through the Eyes

The CES 2012 has been invaded by ultrabook tablet, but in addition to the main world producers the media have paid particular attention to a small Swedish company that has shown a futuristic tracking system based on eye movement . The software Gaze Tobii eye tracking technology uses to move the cursor on the screen. During the event in Las Vegas there […]

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Apple Has Patented “3D-Space”

Apple has filed a patent application named “3D-Space“, which explains the principles of interactive workspace in style Kinect. All user actions in the workplace are detected c3D-cameras and are interpreted as direct commands with keyboard commands and mouse. Thus, according to the request contained in the idea of ??the space in front of the computer is fully […]

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