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Microsoft Touchscreen With A Remarkable Latency

The current screens for tablets and smartphones suffer from a¬†latency¬†average of approximately 100 milliseconds.¬†Although it may be a time seemingly minor, actually use the screen it may involve significant delays that make it much less engaging and effective experience input.¬†The screen, in fact, responds to stimuli, and delayed the eye can see it with extreme […]

Kareena‚Äôs Performance Will be a Shock Element in‚ÄėHeroine‚Äô

Madhur Bhndarkar is very much excited with his upcoming film ‚ÄėHeroine‚Äô and also¬†with the performance of¬†¬†Kareena Kapoor who is playing ¬†lead role in the movie. Some days ago, he asked¬†kareena to watch Angelina Jolie`s award winning ¬†film¬†¬†“Gia” for better performince in the movie,but kareena refused and ¬†now it seems that Madhur is very happy with […]

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How to Activate the New Design,YouTube Has Now!

Well the news is the following, YouTube did “lifting” has acquired a brand new “face”.¬†This is now a full ananeomeni website with a strong element of Google +-why? – And several features exploring content.¬†If you have not yet shown the new design, do not worry we have the solution.¬†Folks in The Verge, discovered an easy […]

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Messaging Addicted “Texting Bride” Down the Aisle

Here comes the bride!!! Here comes the bride…oh wait, one second, i actually have to be compelled to answer this text. We prefer to assume the conversation went one thing like this: “O girl.. how are you?” “Haha¬†Weldon! obtaining married! Hoon?” “OMG congrats! lol! nothing much!”

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New Series of Social Functions for “Google+”

Google + landing on the network a series of new “social functions” , aimed at making the user experience more enjoyable and effective. Google has just released a¬†series of social functions for Google +¬†that include strong elements of visual entertainment.¬†This is a series of innovations that would¬†make it easier and more enjoyable to use¬†the social […]

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Apple ‘iPad Mini’ Punch Amazon ‚ÄúKindle Fire‚ÄĚ in 2012 [Rumor]

Inspired by the recently announced Amazon “Kindle Fire” place and its $199 worth, Apple is rumored to be exploring a replacement low cost iPad for unleash within the 1st few months of 2012. Analyst Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities has been touring China and Taiwan and meeting with element suppliers, where he has heard rumblings […]

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Naked Pictures of iPhone 5 with Apple A5 Processor Exposed

Some days ago we have publish a Story about leaked ¬†iPhone 5 design ¬†by case-mate.Now a Story is hot that be the iPhone 5 has been Exposed naked with Apple A5 Processor¬†, the most recent in a very series of what‚Äôs said to be element leaks for the upcoming smartphone. The image, posted to Chinese […]

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.NET Metro App Development by Calling WinRT APIs of Windows 8

“WinRT APIs for windows 8” in .Net will not replace or compete¬†Win32. ¬†You can write client and server applications using .NET, including “WPF” (Windows Presentation Foundation)¬†plus “Silverlight“. You can write server applications and client in C++, including Win32 and “MFC” (Microsoft Foundation Classes). However, if you choose to believe in the way “Metro“, you can […]

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