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Lets Dance to Generate Electricity

Another reason to dance frenetically your favorite music is the new tile company Sustainable Dance Club that the kinetic energy produced by the dance and convert it into electricity.

A Solar Charger for all Gadgets

Solar Charger 700-BTS006 of Sanwa is able to recharge the battery of a iPhone , an Android smartphone or even a tablet thanks to its capacity 4000 mAh. 

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3D Tower Solar Cell Panel: Generation Capacity is 20 Times Flat Panel

We often see people use a row of solar panels to generate electricity, but now a group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researchers found that the flat panel is not the most effective way to capture solar energy, they found that the 3D tower solar panels layout in the same area under the […]

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The New iPad Does not Charge Battery to Run Apps or Games

Users continue to find some details of the operation of the new iPad as the days pass, as the difference in temperature of the new tablet when it comes to running applications or games that require the power of the processor. Now, also to run the applications and games, it was discovered that the new iPad does not charge […]

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Solar Paint : A New Era in Solar Energy

Researchers from Notre Dame created a semi-conductive paste, which can transform surfaces into solar cells. A team of researchers led by Prof. Prashant Kamat, has created a new coating of titanium dioxide nanoparticles with either cadmium sulphide or cadmium selenide with , which is then placed in a water-alcohol mixture to form paste. This paste can […]

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Specifications For Ultra-Books with Intel`s Ivy Bridge CPU

In one of the last presentations of the Intel Developer Forum LG called the detailed data of the second generation of Intel ultra Books expected. He Briefly Explain the Specifications For “Ultra-Books” with Intel`s “Ivy Bridge CPU”. Actually LG Display is a close partner of Intel in the development of ultra-Books, especially for his “Shuriken” mentioned […]

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