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Profits Appear from Apple in 2012 Compared with Larger Companies

A graph of¬†Statesman¬†¬†shows a net profit of Apple in fiscal 2012 compared to the profits of other large companies from different sectors. When at the end of October Apple has released details about the fourth quarter earnings, the reaction of analysts and investors was partly negative.¬†The company had sold less than expected iPad and its […]

Apple Refurbished Products Come on eBay

eBay has recently introduced a new section exclusively dedicated to the Apple refurbished products . Each includes a guarantee of one year (AppleCare Protection Plan) and is certified just like the refurbished devices for sale on the Apple Store .

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Bill Clinton Issued Laptop for Sale

On eBay you can buy Toshiba Satellite Pro 1998, it is quite unique and it’s not because of its price, considerable rate of 125 thousand.¬†USD, and that he used it himself and Bill Clinton is not just anything, because the communication space. This truly cosmic¬†equipment¬†never left Earth, served former President of the United States to […]

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Pros and Cons of Using third Party APIs

Reference to the Google`s announcement that the API Google Maps no longer free , seems to revive the debate about whether good or bad idea to use third-party APIs in our personal or business developments.

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PayPal Announces Mobile Payment System “PayPal Here” (Video)

PayPal officially announced yesterday PayPal Here, a new payment system is designed to help small businesses to easily integrate charges mobile devices.

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Wikipedia Closes for the Day to Protest Against SOPA

According to the site, the project that is assessing the Capitol ”¬†will harm the free and open internet¬†“and provide new tools to”¬†censor¬†the international gateways. “Reddit, Boing Boing and others also suspended their activities.

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Most Popular Applications of iPhone and iPad in 2011

Angry Birds, an application for smartphones like the iPhone, which involves a flock of birds nerve, has captured the most attention of users in 2011, according to last statistics . Two other derivatives: Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio is also in the top 10.¬†The game is in top position paid applications, the iPhone […]

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Researchers at Stanford Break the Captcha Code

O Code Captcha, it’s that annoying code that you ask for various Internet services, which literally turns your eyes to read it, to confirm your request and some offer more security, but eventually proved as can easily be decoded by bot . A team from Stanford, managed and created Decaptcha, a program that makes it […]

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Anonymous Cluster Attack US Govt Cyber Supplier.

Hackers Anonymous cluster with loose-knit, said Friday that he had broken into the network of U.S. government contractor Mantech International Corp and published some related online correspondence of NATO. Anonymous, as AnonymousIRC Twitter, which provides the correspondence between Mantech North Atlantic Treaty Organization as evidence of infringement. Two involve NATO procurement offices, and discusses the […]

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