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A Giant Asteroid will Skim Earth in a Few Days

NASA has confirmed that the asteroid QE2, with a size nine times greater than a cruise ship will pass very close to Earth on 31 May. A unique opportunity to study this type of bodies, but that does not constitute a risk to the planet.

NASA: The Sounds Produced by Earth Resemble Whale Song – Audio

Sounds produced by the Earth recorded the twin satellites Radiation Belt Storm Probe (RBSP) of NASA as of last month are sending exploration of Van Allen belts surrounding our planet. 

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Scientists have Modeled the Death of Humanity

Thread the end of the world, up to date for 2012, was a logical extension, due to the astronomical observations of the constellation of chanterelles, which was played this cosmic drama.¬†A powerful flare that occurred on a star, literally blew to the surface of the planet’s entire atmosphere, and this event has been projected by […]

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Amazing Video Shows the Entire Transportation Network of the Earth

An amazing video that shows an incredible transport networks (road, sea and air routes) included in our planet on the globe.¬†The video, which you can see below, is part of the project “Welcome to the Anthropocene”, an educational portal that

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Angry Birds Space : Now Birds Fly in Space

After conquering the Earth to the sound of blows against the hapless green pigs, birds of Angry Birds have announced plans to conquer space.¬†Rovio, software company that deals with the development of what has become a cult in the world of video games for mobile devices, has announced the arrival of¬†Angry Birds Space¬†, a new […]

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CleanSpace One: A Satellite Cleaner Designed by Switzerland (Video)

Most people believe that around the Earth revolves only satellites but the reality is different. Apart from the satellites, however, are in orbit for thousands of space junk.

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Japanese Technology Project Unites Humans and Robots

If you remember the movie Avatar, the Earth could and wandered through the world of another body.¬†Although the alien bodies to create even goes beyond our capabilities, we at least make a step in that direction. So Japanese scientists built a robot whose movements are the same operator.¬†Simultaneously, the operator sees just that the robots.¬†In […]

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Google Takes “Dead Sea Scrolls” World’s Manuscript History On-line

It appears, Google continue to develop their new product that is useful to man, which after Google Earth that make it easier for users to explore the world with a simple, Google is also¬†bringing¬†scrolls and manuscripts from the Dead Sea scrolls (¬†Dead Sea Scrolls¬†) to the Internet world. Through it, now the users can access […]

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3 Most Interesting Movies Of 2011.

1. Singham: Singham is an action film of a political candidate Bajirao Singham played by Ajay Devgn who is an honest and brave cop. Kajal Aggarwal is that the feminine lead of this film. At the time of its unleash Singham peaked at the box-office with earth shattering business and was overwhelmingly applauded by the […]

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