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Google Pays those Who Discover Vulnerabilities in Chrome OS

Those who discover and give a signal to any vulnerability in Google Chrome  OS will be rewarded. The operating system therefore complements the other products included in the ” bug bounty program “, reaching out to researchers to seek their cooperation in the analysis of the code developed. For Google this is a specific policy, however, also shared by Mozilla […]

Offensive Tools for WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

Recently, we discussed a vulnerability that has shown the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), which was identified by Stefan Viehbock.  Ultimately it seems the company security Tactical Network Solutions (TNS) was independently discovered the vulnerability, and even the studying for more than a year. On hearing of the discovery by Viehbock, the TNS released the open source tool, the […]

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A Star Provides Clues About the Future of the Earth

Within 5,000 million years the Sun will become a red giant whose flames will swallow Mars and Earth. Astronomers believe that any planet could survive being swallowed by its star, but two newly discovered worlds beyond our solar system just to correct them. This is less than two separate exoplanets orbiting the Earth and the star […]

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Bones of Alien with Strangely Shaped Head Found in Peru!

Could it be the U.S. government was wrong, that a few days earlier, had argued with an official announcement that there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life on our planet. Since it seems may finally be the answer is yes… and this because of a mummy discovered in Peru, whose head was abnormally large.  This discovery […]

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