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D-CAN: A Breakthrough Idea of Cylindrical Camera

Designer Jean-michel Bonnemoy think the style of the traditional cameras simply for technical features, not to easy to use and reasonable. Instead, he thinks the modern digital camera should have a cylindrical tube and looks like a handheld astronomy. A front lens cap, viewfinder and an LCD display is integrated with the back of the controller […]

Digital Camera of the Future Sold in the U.S.

Photo credit: Lytro.com The brand claims that their product Lytro allow you to focus after taking the picture. The software is compatible with Apple and, in months, will be released the portable version to Windows.

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Lifebook Concept Poses Several Gadgets into One Device

Lifebook smartphone that integrates, digital camera and tablet (Photo: Playback) The Chandra Prshant designer came up with a idea that unites various gadgets , a product that takes the concept to extremes of “all-in-one.” This is the project Fujitsu Lifebook , a dockhybrid format notebook with several slots to integrate more devices used in everyday life.

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Air Clicker:Invisible Gesture Controlled Camera is Now Reality

With electronic components shrinking all the time, it’s a little surprising that we haven’t yet started embedding gadgets like mobile phones right into our bodies. The Air Clicker camera concept does the next best thing by taking away all but the most essential elements of a digital camera and turning those elements into tiny wearable components, rendering […]

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Good News For AT&T Customers.

The Pantech Pursuit™ II is proudly offered for AT&T customers on July 17 with a two-year agreement. Key Features Brew® Mobile Platform-based phone options a 2.8” touchscreen show, vertical sliding keyboard, drag and drop shortcuts, 2MP camera with a camcorder and pre-loaded social media  widgets on one in every of 3 sliding home screens for […]

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