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Hackers Stole Michael Jackson’s Song Catalog for $ 253 Million

Hackers have stolen the Sony Music Corporation full discography of Michael Jackson, including his never previously unreleased recordings, worth 160 million pounds , more than 253.1 million dollars, reports the Daily Mail .  Assumed that hackers have downloaded more than 50,000 files with recordings of songs, “King pop music. “

Owners of Mobile Phones in Danger

All GSM phones are subject to vulnerability that allows hackers to remotely send messages to them or even make phone calls. Moreover, the phone model and its operating system does not play any significance – The vulnerability was found in the protocol GSM, used by cellular operators. In a conversation with a reporter Karsten Nohl Reuters […]

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Anonymous Cluster Attack US Govt Cyber Supplier.

Hackers Anonymous cluster with loose-knit, said Friday that he had broken into the network of U.S. government contractor Mantech International Corp and published some related online correspondence of NATO. Anonymous, as AnonymousIRC Twitter, which provides the correspondence between Mantech North Atlantic Treaty Organization as evidence of infringement. Two involve NATO procurement offices, and discusses the […]

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Anonymous Cluster`s “AnonPlus” Jumps into Social Network World War

Anonymous Cluster`s  “AnonPlus” Jumps into Social Network World War.We Extract Domain Information about aonplus.com  from whois.com Anonymous, that has claimed credit for many high-profile cyber attacks in recent months, plans to launch what it says are areplacement social networking website referred to as AnonPlus. The group’s move was apparently spurred by Google’s call to finish […]

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Microsoft’s Bing Will Power Chinese Search Engine Baidu.

Baidu, China’s preferred selection for search, has announced a replacement subsume Microsoft which will see the search company’s English queries be directed to Bing, with the results being printed to Baidu’s own pages. Announced Monday, the deal offers Microsoft a path into the Chinese market that it wouldn’t normally have the chance to explorer, and […]

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