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Microsoft Touchscreen With A Remarkable Latency

The current screens for tablets and smartphones suffer from a¬†latency¬†average of approximately 100 milliseconds.¬†Although it may be a time seemingly minor, actually use the screen it may involve significant delays that make it much less engaging and effective experience input.¬†The screen, in fact, responds to stimuli, and delayed the eye can see it with extreme […]

Can You Imagine “Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube” in 90s ?

Can You Imagine Facebook, Google + and YouTube in 90s ? To ¬†solve the Above questions, you can see below the creations of Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, who moved back in time the current popular websites, under the artistic Project¬†Once Upon¬†! ‚ÄúOnce Upon‚ÄĚ are¬†three important contemporary web sites, recreated with technology and spirit of […]

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Apple Released the iOS 5.1 With a “Mysterious Reference”

The Apple gave developers a preview of the next key after upgrade iOS 5, with iOS 5.1 beta and Xcode 4.3.¬†This upgrade improves the functioning of dictation, but continues to refer only to the iPhone 4S.¬†So far from what have become known since the beta, the changes are mainly the programmatic piece, so we will […]

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Apple is Preparing the New Line of MacBook Air

It was learned that Apple is preparing a new line of MacBook Air, which in addition to the standard11.6 and 13.3 inch models¬†, will be a new, 15-inch version. The emergence of new products scheduled for March 2012, now run their pilot production. In addition, it is reported that the current lineup of ultra-thin MacBook […]

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Microsoft is Preparing Two Versions of the New Game Console

Microsoft is preparing two versions of the new game console.¬†A major European retailer outlined plans for Microsoft to release a new version of the popular consoles ¬†Xbox 720¬†. On insider information, the next gene ration Xbox will be presented in two versions.¬†The first version will have a very advanced technical features and be designed for […]

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Steps to Get “Facebook Notifications” On Google TV

Here are the 8 Steps to get¬†Facebook Notifications On Google TV. Step-1 ¬†written below While Enjoying a channel on the Google Television.. Please “Push home button of Sony TV Remote control”.

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Will iPhone 5 Succeed to Eliminate ” The Generation Gap” ?

Will upcoming iPhone 5 be equally popular  in  both elders and youngsters ? Acting president of HTC America Martin Fichter says that the iPhone is losing its appeal in the younger generation of smartphone users. When young people see their parents and older people using the popular smartphone, the phone becomes less hip .He says,

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Download Chrome addon to Get Facebook Current Notifications On Desktop

Haha..Perhaps You may not use your PC while not being on Facebook .The subsequent are among the numerous that hook up with social networks, and even though you are doing not use to show a jiffy, then you’ll stop within the background or in some browser tab. If you wish to be notified with all […]

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