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Smart alternatives to Azure, Amazon and Google cloud

Azure, AWS¬†and Google dominate the public cloud market with extensive service portfolios and low prices.¬†But sheer size not only brings benefits to customers.¬†This article introduces some interesting cloud providers¬†alternatives. When companies¬†want to move¬†their¬†IT¬†to the¬†cloud¬†and look for a vendor then they typically think of¬†Microsoft Azure¬†,¬†Amazon Web Services¬†(¬†AWS¬†) or¬†Google Cloud first¬†.¬†The public cloud providers are world-renowned and […]

Best Places to Send Large Files for Free

Anyone who has worked online knows perfectly the vicissitudes of sending and receiving information.There are many simple remedies when working with smaller file (no more than 3 MB), thanks to improvements in email servers do not even need to compress data, but what happens when we work with heavy information?¬†¬†we offer¬†a guide from the best […]

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iClouDrive, The Function Returns iDisk to iCloud

One role that has always been present in the different cloud services from Apple has been¬†iDisk¬†, a classic at the time. Mac and later MobileMe.¬†But¬†the company decided that with the arrival of iCloud and free, that function would be eliminated¬†and replaced by functions would be saved in the cloud for some programs like iWork or […]

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Tools for Taking Notes in the Cloud

Let’s admit it:¬†Evernote¬†is a fantastic tool but you can leave some things to be desired.¬†It all depends on¬†personal taste¬†.¬†With each update adding more features that make fantastic and can be used for basically anything we want.¬†But it is understandable that someone wants to use an alternative.¬†Maybe things are looking a bit more minimalist, or do […]

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When Virtual Machines are Able to Spy on Other

Today, more power to the servers and especially the flood of cloud, virtualization has become almost the norm on servers.¬†It allows you to run multiple virtual machines share hardware resources and are totally independent of each other but also supports hosting them.¬†This allows for example to Cloud systems give you as much power as you […]

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2012 is the Year of the Cloud

The word “cloud” has entered the vocabulary of the average browser for some time now, but it is only in recent months that the cloud has seen a veritable explosion.¬†According to data from IHS, in fact, at the end of June,¬†the number of subscribers to services operating in the sector have reached 75% of the […]

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Microsoft has Introduced a New Version of Office

Executive Director of¬†Microsoft¬†Steve Ballmer¬†at a press conference held on the evening of July 16 in San Francisco, introduced a new version of a package of Microsoft Office.¬†It is reported by¬†Reuters. The main feature of the new generation of programs will be integrated with the “cloud” service Microsoft SkyDrive.¬†All user-created documents, as well as personal settings […]

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Six New Technologies That Will Change Your Life

Technology is changing the world dramatically.¬†In the past few years, you may find the “marketing director” of smartphones, tablet PCs, touch screen, Internet TV, Facebook … What the future will be like?¬†Let’s go through 6 areas can cause a major impact in the future individuals with mild liver! 1:- Cloud Cloud computing is booming, but […]

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