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How to Display Google Analytics Data Directly in Chrome

When undertaking a web project, either for us or a third party, it is important not to lose sight of the need to define a set of objectives and indicators to verify that our strategy is correct and to assure that we are taking the expected impact (or are on track to get it).¬†Tools like¬†web¬†Analytics¬†and¬†Piwik¬†or¬†Google […]

Google will Guide us to the 100,000 Stars at Google Chrome

It seems that Google has set goal other than Earth to map space, even in a more artistic and less accurate performance.¬†The laboratories of the company developed a new pilot project called “100,000 Star” which is dedicated to space¬†Using images and data from NASA and the European Space Agency and other sources. With the support […]

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WebRTC: Chrome Beta Lets you Use your Webcam Without Plug-in

Google has released an update (¬†21.0.1180.15)¬†¬†for¬†the Beta version¬†of its Chrome browser.¬†This allows users to directly exploit their webcam and microphone in the browser without having to go through a third-party plugin such as Flash, for example. For this, developers should exploit the¬†¬†getUserMedia API¬†, which is currently in¬†draft form¬†within the W3C and retrieves just one video […]

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Top 10 Browser Extensions in 2012 ,So Far

Time flies.¬†It seems like yesterday when we celebrated the end of the year, but first make a good collection of all items that were highlighted in the software field in 2011.¬†2011 was a year that¬†clearly won the web¬†, with many services of sync with the cloud was consecrated, and many others making their raid, as¬†many […]

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Chrome has Become Hugely Popular for iOS

On the second day of the conference Google I / O Internet giant introduced the application and Drive Chrome for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Chrome browser in functionality is not inferior to conventional desktop version, and, of course, is optimized for touch control.¬†It is a “private” mode browsing, the ability to

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Google Chrome Promises That We Will Have a Retina Adapted to Screens Soon

The arrival of the resolution retinal our Mac is now a reality with the next-generation MacBook Pro, but will mean a lot of headaches for developers who are suddenly with the task of adapting all applications.One of the first companies that has promised to do so is Google, announcing that¬†Chrome will be compatible with the […]

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Google Fix the Chrome`s Security Hole in Less Than 24 Hours

Just yesterday we saw the¬†hackarisma of Google Chrome for the first time in the competition Pwn2own¬†by VUPEN Security and even a few minutes.¬†Eventually, it turned out, only one day was enough for¬†Google¬†to patcharei the vulnerability of that indicated by the hackers. ¬†The team at¬†Google¬†understand the cause of the ‘hole’ and solved the problem immediately, in […]

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The New Chrome is Here with Some Great Characteristics

Almost simultaneously with the release of Chrome for Android, Google has made available for download the new version of Chrome.¬†Although no dramatic differences from previous versions is differentiated into two very basic. Characteristics. The first is the increased security.¬†The new Chrome includes automatic control of executable files (eg. Exe or. Msi) that lowers the user […]

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