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Facebook will also Verify Accounts of Celebrities and Public Figures

Few weeks latter as does Twitter and Google +, Facebook will begin today to offer celebrities and public figures able to verify their accounts and confirm that indeed they who are behind them. Of course, these audited accounts will not be as visible as in other platforms, as the Palo Alto social network has confirmed that there will […]

Lose your Weight Without Dieting:Simple Tricks of Stars

How to quickly lose your weight without dieting ? There are some simple tricks of  the celebrities, stylists, fitness instructors and nutritionists to lose your weight without dieting. Trick number 1: Soak Soak in a bath of salt – the main thing that was part of the magnesium sulfate, which displays the fluid from the […]

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Richest Young Actors of the World

The British tabloid Heat Magazine published a list of the richest celebrities who have not yet reached the age of 30. Topped the rating of 22-year-old Daniel Radcliffe , the leading man in the movie of Harry Potter. According to specialists, the actor earned $ 80 million. The runner-up Keira Knightley, who by his 26 years […]

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Why YouTube Hide These 5 Useful Features ?

YouTube has added many useful improvements, but these are hidden features that few users realize. I Do not know Why YouTube Hide These 5 Useful Features? Cut the video on YouTube Share videos with friends is one of many operations done on YouTube. But sometimes you just want to share a portion of the video. How do […]

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Special Pizza for Music and Celebrities Lovers

Marking 40 years on the opening months pizza restaurant and jazz club in London, the restaurant decided PizzaExpress Jazz Club. To celebrate with his customers a very special way, He chose the most famous singers of the most successful albums and put them Katsian on the face of pizza cheese mozzarella, tomatoes and peppers, including pictures […]

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Kim Kardashian Rides in Style!

The star of the famous reality show Kim Kardashian  30 ,was spotted last week because of something slightly faster, and more likely to catch the attention of everyone a white Ferrari 458 Italia, reportedly $325,000 for its looks rather than speed. The beautiful wife of basketball player Kris Humphrie  26, shelled out $325,000 for a pimped out new Ferrari in the start […]

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News Host Makes Great Fun of Kardashians [Video]

Kourtney Kardashian and Kim paid a visit to Fox 29 to talk about fashion, fame and glamor. They gave him a piece of his new clothing line, and said goodbye. After the segment, the news anchor man does not hide his disdain for pseudo celebrities.       [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCs1Q565E4g[/youtube] [Source: Comedywizard]

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