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Google integrates Android into millions of cars

Google is¬†partnering with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi to bring Android-based infotainment systems into millions of cars.¬†The¬†Tomtom share¬†crashed after announcement by 30 percent. Google is working with the¬†Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi¬†Alliance¬†to integrate Android into vehicles.¬†The largest car alliance in the world, measured by car sales, wants to bring Android-based infotainment systems into millions of cars,¬†the Wall Street Journal¬†first reported.¬†The infotainment system should¬†come […]

Essence of Automotive Locksmith Services

‚ÄúIt was after 8.00. He called the locksmith in Hedestad and ordered a new lock. The locksmith said that he could come out the following day. Blomkvist said he would pay double if he came at once. They agreed that he would come at around 10.30 that night and install a new deadbolt lock.‚ÄĚ It […]

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Top 5 Electric Cars Near Future – Photos

Look, what electric cars will soon appear on our roads. Certainly, on the Ukrainian roads electric cars will not know when, but here in the U.S. and Europe in the coming years is expected to boom in electric cars.¬†A significant rise in fuel can cause Americans to change from oil-hungry cars on tiny electric cars.¬†As […]

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Top 5 of The Most Powerful Cars in The World

In this article we have collected information about the 10 most powerful cars of the world. 5. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo:-   Saleen S7 Twin Turbo – 750 hp¬†6.9-liter engine of the American supercar capable of developing 750 hp, which allow it to accelerate up to a hundred in just 3.7 seconds.¬†The maximum speed of […]

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Voice Assistant Siri Goes into Cars

One of the standard components of the new mobile platform, Apple iOS 6.0 is a function of Eyes Free, which allows integration of corporate voice-assistant in the infotainment system of cars. At the time of the announcement of iOS 6.0 support for the component Apple Eyes Free just announced nine major automakers.

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Named World’s Best Cars in 2012 Word Car Awards – List

The organizers of the prestigious international competition “Car of the Year 2011” (World Car of the Year) released a¬†list of¬†models that will fight for victory in two categories – “World Car of the Year” and “World Sports Car of the Year. The jury consisting of 66 specializing in automotive topics of journalists from around the […]

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We express condolences For Speed Lover “Dan Wheldon”

¬†Every one who is fan of racing, ¬†expressed condolences to the families of British riders Dan Wheldon, who was killed on Sunday 16th oct 2011, in an accident on the last stage of the series “Indy.” Wheldon died in hospital from injuries sustained in the accident, which damaged 15 cars at the final stage of […]

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