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Canon Unveils New CMOS Sensor That Can Record HD Video In The Dark

The new Canon CMOS sensor is 7.5 times more powerful than the other cameras and can record video with minimum light conditions clearly achieving unprecedented results.

Canon MR: Fact and Fiction Come Together to Recreate Objects

Canon¬†wants to bring the possibilities of¬†augmented reality¬†to the productive chain and it submitted the Canon MR system in Japan, with availability for the month of July. Canon MR¬†is an industrial design tool that connects real and virtual objects in order for the consumer, designer, engineer or anyone who needs to be involved in the development […]

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Canon 5D Mark III Appeared After Nearly Four Years of Waiting

Canon 5D Mark III – one of the cameras ‘hot’ one in 2012. 5D Mark III has two CF card slot and SD HDR mode.¬†Autofocus system of high density similar to Canon 1Dx 61 points.¬†Our products are durable metal shell, a waterproof, dust and weather resistant.

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Official Nikon D4 Camera Looks Like the Nikon D3

Nikon¬†will hold a¬†press conference¬†in his headquarters in Thailand, January 6, 2012 at 11 am local.¬†Announce new products, and according to popular rumor in recent days, this would be the¬†Nikon D4¬†and the new¬†AF-S 85 mm f/1.8G¬†.The new camera was also widespread on the web image that shows what should be the same body. Based on what […]

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