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Lets Visit the Offices of Top 5 Technology Companies

1. Google Not only is the “giant” world’s largest search, Google is known for office work like a dream.Google is a world-class Internet company based in the United States, was established in 1998. Main products are giants Google search program, is widely considered useful search tools and the most powerful. The name Google is kind of pun from […]

Dell is Preparing a Tablet with Windows 8

Dell recently said that not only a PC company , but this does not mean they will stop making computers and tablets are waiting for the day of the launch of Windows 8 , tablets have solution for that day specifically. In a statement to Bloomberg , the same Michael Dell said it will launch a tablet with Windows 8 as a solution to the […]

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Microsoft Once Again Considering the Purchase of IT-Yahoo!

The top management of Microsoft once again considering the purchase of IT-Yahoo! The top management of U.S. Microsoft Corporation is considering the purchase of IT-Yahoo!, told Reuters news agency informed sources. Immediately after the publication of news stock quotes Yahoo! increased in price by 9%. At the end of trading on Wednesday, October 5, Yahoo! securities […]

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