Emma Watson: The Face of New Fragrance

Emma Watson:The Face of New Fragrance

Emma Watson:  The Face of New Fragrance Emma Watson 21. She was “honored Hermione England,” the author’s own clothing line, approximate man Dispose of used batteries, and dashing avtogonschitsa. More recently, the actress has also become the face of new fragrance Midnight Rose Trysor from Lancome, which helped her open a new entity – a fragile and delicate French.

Hi! How are you?
Great! And how could it be otherwise – we are in Paris! By the way, you were born here? I see you’re well prepared for the interview! (Laughs) Do not believe me, I always do! And yet, tell that to you in Paris? On the one hand, I’ll be quite unoriginal when I say that love is everything: the streets, cuisine, people and language. But on the other – this is a very personal story. Paris for me is always nostalgia. This is the city of my childhood. I am very grateful Lancome – cooperation with this brand gave me the opportunity to be back home. And the wonderful aroma, the person who I was, a very special – a gentle and very close to me the smell of Paris.

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