Apple has Spent Hundreds of Millions on a War with Android

Apple has Spent Hundreds of Millions on a War with Android

Apple has Spent Hundreds of Millions on a War with Android“Thermonuclear War,” a large scale was initiated against the makers of Cupertino Android-devices that claimed hundreds of millions of dollars – but does it make sense?

As it became known, Apple spent $ 100 million for an initial patent lawsuit against HTC. It is easy to imagine that this amount grows at times, when it comes to such powerful players as Motorola, which was close to the prohibition of “apple” products in Germany, or Samsung, the world’s largest holder of intellectual property for mobile communications.

From the biographical book, “Steve Jobs” Walter Isaacson can learn that in the debate on patent litigation, which is Apple, Steve, already known for his tough character, incredibly angry,

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Cloud Services

About Some Services that Can Crush iCloud

About Some Services that Will Crush iCloudApple icloud is far from the first service to synchronize and store files in the cloud, but that Apple goes into the cloud moving in a way, the concept of regular users that are not always at the cutting edge of technology. The greatness of icloud is that it synchronizes and back up data automatically on devices that use IOS. Icloud makes it easier to keep track of contacts, calendars, email, pictures and documents between your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. The obvious disadvantage of icloud is that it is centered around Apple products (with the exception that icloud also works on Windows). With icloud get you five gigabytes of storage free. If you want more, users can purchase additional storage space (10, 20 or 50 gigabytes) to their account. attracts IOS users with lifetime free storage Tony Bradley from  “Journal PC World” discussed the advent of icloud with Aaron Levie, Founder and CEO of Although the effects of having Apple as a competitor can not be

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Largest Apple Store in New York

Largest Apple Store in the World [Presentation Scheduled]

Presentation scheduled for today at the Apple Store Grand Central Station in New York. The opening will take place Friday, during Black Friday.Largest Apple Store in New York
Apple Store The largest ever made ??to date will be presented the following day, with the grand opening scheduled for Friday. It’s the Apple Store at Grand Central Station in New York, one of the most famous and visited the famous U.S. city. Thus confirmed the rumors that they saw the new opening just in time for

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New Apple product iPad 3 goes into production1

New Apple Product “iPad 3” Goes into Production

New Apple product iPad 3 goes into production1Fans of Apple products a good news for you. When iPhone 4S went on sale , the press began to receive rumors about the next generation tablet of “Apple” Corporation  iPad 3.

According to Susquehanna Financial Analyst Jeff Fidakaro (Jeff Fidacaro), iPad 3 went into production. According to him, in the 4th quarter of 2011 planned production of 600 thousand to a million new plates.

The previous version of the tablet Apple  iPad 2 went on sale in March this year, so the next version is expected in early spring 2012. Due to the popularity of absolute novelty even before its release, Apple wants to release as many plates as possible.

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Apple Lisa computer

11 Apple Products Tied to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs name associated with the success of the iPhone, iPad, or the line of iPods.

As co-founder and also served as president and chief executive Steve Jobs of Apple so tied to so many branded products apple. In addition to success with iPod, iPhone, or IPAD, he has also tasted defeat for Apple Power Mac G4 Cube or Lisa.

Here is a summary of 11 Apple products associated with the name of Steve Jobs.

1-Apple Lisa

Apple Lisa computerApple Lisa computer models fail when there is a hefty price. Photo: Personal Computer Museum.

First Mac, a product line of Apple personal computer named Lisa. Launched in 1983 this series possesses many similarities with the model as property Macintosh graphical interface, support for the user interface.However, while the Mac so successful with the $ 2,500 price, the failed Lisa too expensive because the price up to $ 10,000.

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