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Smartphone of the Future will be Able to Interpret the Emotions

The smartphone of the future will not only be able to provide you information about any subject, but also be able to interpret the emotions and moods.┬áResearch conducted at the University of Rochester, in fact, demonstrated an effective opportunity to┬áinstruct an electronic device to recognize the emotions of their respective owners simply listening to the […]

“Defriendtion” App to Let your Annoying Facebook Friends Grounded

Defriendtion┬á,┬áThe application for leave to serve punishment for those friends who post thousands of pictures of food, update the status every 5 minutes, use hashtags unnecessarily, just post quotes and so on.┬áThe creators explain that the ‘Defriendtion’ is a kind of┬ádislike┬á, since Facebook has not invented this button. All you need to do is fill […]

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