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Bello and Kitty Feed from a Distance with the Web-Enabled Smartphone

Feed the Pinto is a feeder for pets which is controlled via Wi-Fi. A smartphone with iOS and Android, which handles the connection to the Wi-Fi and control of the electronics of the Pinto feed serves as a remote control of the Electric Imp module . The production of the unit is via a funding campaign on IndieGoGo will allow.

Scientists Created Robot that can “Sniff Out” Cocaine Like Dogs

A group of scientists from the UK, headed by Professor Tong Sun (Tong Sun) from London’s City University, is currently working on a robot that can “sniff out” cocaine, as do dogs.┬áThe difference is that robots do not get tired and make fewer mistakes than their living prototypes, reports The Register. A group of researchers […]

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Samsung MV800 – The First Compact Digital Camera with 180 Degree Swivel Screen

This morning in the city, Samsung Electronics has introduced a new compact digital camera called his MV800 Multi-View. The camera point-and-shoot with a unique 180-degree swivel screen and very compact design.Aimed at young users is personality, likes the convenience and unique,

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