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AMD, ARM and Others Seek a “New Architecture”

AMD , ARM and Texas Instruments , among others, have announced a collaboration to create the foundation Heterogeneous System Architecture , a nonprofit organization with which they try to lay the foundations and new standards of a new hardware architecture.

NVIDIA Joins The Linux Foundation

The multinational company specializing in the manufacture of components (such as GeForce and Tegra processors), NVIDIA , has joined the Linux Foundation . The company said that by joining the Foundation, hopes to improve its cooperation with organizations and developers contributing to the development of Linux.

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AMD Wants to Integrate its Graphics Chips in Playstation 4 – Rumor

Although we know for sure that Sony will introduce this year its next console – all the certainty that can offer the words of company president Kazuo Hirai – the rumors, leaks and announcements not hard at work to uncover new details about the next generation Playstation.¬†The latest comes from AMD itself and its environment, […]

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OS X Mountain Lion :The Original Support for the AMD and NVIDIA Graphics

Apple last week after the release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion developer preview version has been a lot of developers started to download a trial trip.¬†In addition to enjoy this version of OS X’s iOS new features, these developers will step by step in Mountain Lion, which excavated some unknown changes, such as we […]

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The AMD Radeon ‚ĄĘ HD 7770 Surpasses the Limits of GHz (Video)

The new graphics cards AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition HD 7750 and presented by AMD. The AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition is the first graphics card with reference engine clock that goes beyond one gigahertz Рmaking it the first 1GHz GPU in the world. 

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AMD Introduces Two New Athlon II

This week we have had a presentation of little importance.¬†Not because they are good products, but because ultimately the war is being fought on other fronts.¬†We talked about¬†a couple of new models of¬†AMD¬†Athlon II¬†. They have launched the¬†Athlon II X4 641 and Athlon II X4 638¬†, two models are virtually identical to each other.¬†Both use […]

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AMD Promises a True Fusion of CPU and GPU in 2014

Fashion among processor manufacturers is to add a chip directly into their graphics.¬†However, it is actually engraved on the same square of silicon the two chips side by side, the design of transistors is radically different.¬† AMD wants to go further and said that by 2014, the CPU and GPU will only really become one […]

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The Nvidia Releases the Source Code for CUDA Compiler

The Nvidia announced that it will release the source code for its last compiler for CUDA, which allows programs to use the NVIDIA GPU for general purpose parallel computing.¬† ¬†The new version is based on LLVM, a popular open source compiler structure that is not limited by programming languages, so this version will allow developers […]

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Toshiba Introduces 13 inch Notebook “Satellite L735D” for Children

Toshiba recently released version 13.3 inch notebook for children, the Satellite L735D. These designs are based on collaboration between Toshiba and Best Buy. Photo: Toshiba Satellite L735D is equipped with 1.3 Ghz AMD processor E-series, 320 GB hard drive, two USB 2.0 ports, a webcam and a battery with the use of up to 5.5 hours. 

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Where are 3 Million Missing Copies of Dirt 3?

Codemasters publishing and graphics card manufacturer AMD has been a recent promotion during which purchasers of a card incorporates a free copy of the superb dirt racer 3, that provide has been, a bit expanded. It looks that Codemasters codes download reserved for the promotion -It is estimated at around 3 million copies of the […]

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