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The uTorrent is Coming to Android

The aim of BitTorrent Inc. is extended to mobile devices such as preparing a learned native BitTorrent client for  Android devices. Although it has not known when it is available, all indicate that there will be too late.

Flying Robots will Build 6 Meter Tower

A 6-meter tower will be constructed in a report in Orleans, France.¬†The title of the exhibition is “Flight Assembled Architecture” (or fly-assembled architecture) and essentially the¬†autonomous¬†construction of the tower.¬†This is because the tower will be built from … Flying Robot! The design of these flying machines made by Italian designer Raffaello D’Andrea and organization of […]

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MacBook Air: About An Incoming 15-inch Model from Apple

Apple has already begun production of a MacBook Air with a larger screen to counter competition from ultrabook. According to information published by Digitimes, and from sources close to the production chain,¬†Apple¬†is going to announce a¬†15-inch MacBook Air¬†in the first quarter of 2012.¬†The aim would be to counter sales of¬†ultrabook¬†. As leaked, Apple will renew […]

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New Apple Store with Various Innovations

Apple expected to launch in the next few hours, a new Apple Store in San Francisco by introducing various innovations in order to speed up sales. In the next few hours, Apple will open a new¬†Apple Store¬†in San Francisco at that, but it will be a store different from others already in the world.¬†Bring with […]

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U.S. Welcome Spotify Today.

After months of speculation and rumors, much vaunted European music service Spotify is coming to the U.S. with the four major labels on board. Starting Today, people in the U.S. be able to register for both levels of care service Spotify: $ 4.99 a month for unlimited ad-free service, and $ 9.99 per month for […]

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