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Thirty years of 1984, One of the Best Ads in the History of Apple

1984 Apple┬áwas one of the original ads in the history of advertising, besides being one of the best in the company.┬áDirected by Ridley Scott, 1984 expressed the innovative and groundbreaking ideas that today Apple still thrives. With the┬áthirtieth anniversary┬áof Macintosh so close today precisely marks the 30th anniversary of the publication of one of the […]

VIDEO TIME! All Apple Commercials from Past to Present! (485 Videos)

485 videos, which show that Apple is a VERY special company.┬áAll Apple commercials since 1977 by the Apple II to the current iPhone 5. It is a spot for the celebration of today evening with this entertainment here in the form of HUGE collection of Apple ads in just a YouTube channel!┬áBy the Apple video […]

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Skype Introduces Conversation Ads

Skype┬áintroduces a new advertising formula to the service of those who, through Microsoft Advertising, intend to use the space “display” provided by the service for video calls.┬áSo Microsoft is doing to benefit from the acquisition of Skype also monetizing the resulting advertising, something that apparently had fallen attention from the moment in which the transaction […]

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iCloud Harmony: Apple Released the New iCloud Advertising

According to latest news reports, Apple released a new ad of iCloud with the theme of “iCloud Harmony”, designed to showcase the advantages of Apple’s push and storage cloud services.

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A Hidden Objective Behind The Google Largest Global DNS Services

Among the numerous services of Google, there is one that is not well known. These services dns. Industry which is now the undisputed leader.

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