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Apple Sued Due to a Broken Nose

apple store83-year-old New Yorker Evelyn Pesuoll requires Apple’s $ 1 million for the fact that she broke her nose after a collision with a glass door of the store of the company. The amount of the claim consists of 75,000 dollars in medical costs, and penalties. Despite the fact that last year Apple pasted white stickers on clear glass in all its stores to help prevent such collisions, the lawyers say is not sufficient.

Pesuoll claims that she did not understand

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Facebook Allows to Set Different Levels of Privileges for Company Pages

New Records on Facebook:One million Comments on a Post

New Records on Facebook One million Comments on a PostThe decision to win the Guinness record for the Facebook for the post with more comments recently took the American Cathy Mathews and thanks to the invaluable help of her friends did it!

 What I did was to raise a post and then the friends of the multiple comments made sure to donate to the first. Some of the comments were quite lengthy while others of them wrote only the word “Go”.

 What matters is that the post was able to finally overcome 1 million

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