Your Diet Can be a Cause of Migraine

Indian nutritionists say that they were able to establish the true causes of migraines. According to medical statistics, approximately 30% of migraine is inherited. However, we can identify some other factors that influence its aggravation. For example, it’s hormonal disorders, stress anddepression, abnormal sleep and wakefulness.

Your Diet Can be a Cause of migraine

 In addition, according to professor Sunita Dube, who headed the new study, and her colleagues, the sudden appearance of frequent headaches or migraines may be caused by malnutrition.

In most cases, more frequent headaches is the result of diets involving severe caloric restriction diet. This is especially true in cases where anyone changes his usual system of power too quickly. As explained by Dr. Dube, the weight of the weight, but do not forget that the human brain needs a sufficient amount of energy it receives, especially from foods high in carbohydrates.Therefore, caution should be taken to diets, implying their minimum or even a complete failure.

Another reason for migraine associated with food – reduction in blood sugar levels. Therefore, from the substance, if you do not want to suffer from migraines, also do not have to give up altogether. Also among the factors affecting women’s well-being and health, Dr. Dube calls irregular nutrition, systematic omission of meals because of what occurs between them is too big a gap, and the use of insufficient quantities of water.

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