World`s First LEGO Hotel Opened in April 2013 (Video)

First-LEGO-Hotel-Opened-April-2013On 5 April 2013 the first LEGO hotel in the world, will open its doors at the theme park LEGOLAND California. Of course, for obvious reasons, the hotel will not be built with bricks, but painting the walls in giving children and adults a sense of being in a magical world where everything is made of LEGO.

Details about LEGO hotel

The hotel will be decorated with pirates, dogs, dragons and other characters in LEGO while the 350 rooms will be divided into three thematic categories (pirates, knights, adventure lovers). Finally, visitors will be able to keep their personal belongings in a special chest that is found in every room, which keeps a large LEGO frog, while during their stay will discover constantly surprises.

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