What is the Most Valuable Brand in the World ?

Coca-Cola is one study found that the most valuable brand in the world.The brand value of the beverage manufacturer is according to studies by the consulting firm Inter-brand $ 71.86 billion (54.5 billion euros).

Thus, the peak position remained unchanged compared to last year as well as the second and third place: where rank of American computer manufacturers IBM and the software giant Microsoft.The Interbrand said on Tuesday in Cologne and New York.

“The fact that in the top-10 rankings of the top flight for years are more or less always the same names, explained by the fact that brand values ??fluctuate in value significantly less than other assets,” said study leader Nik Stucky, according to statement.The only change this year: Apple stormed with a brand value increase of 58 percent in eighth place, but Nokia came out of the top 10.

Ten of the 100 most valuable brands in the ranking are from Germany.Most forward to find Mercedes-Benz.The automaker with $ 27.45 billion in twelfth place.BMW follows with $ 24.55 billion in 15th place, before the software maker SAP (14.54 billion U.S. dollars / square 24).

Interbrand’s study is just one of several rankings for brand value, which different calculation models are based.The U.S. market researcher Millward Brown saw Apple as number one in May and prized brand value of the iPhone maker to 153.5 billion dollars.Interbrand, however, defines the brand value of Apple to $ 33.49 billion.

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