See How New Web Companies Want to Cash in on Weddings

See How New Web Companies Want to Cash in on Weddings 1Brides are always trying dresses, grooms are always forwarding invitations … Amid all the planning, couples are increasingly turning to the “Wed-tech” as it is called the perfect union between marriages (weddings) and technology (tech). And of course, how these new industries are gaining ground in the business. 

Some examples of startups focusing on marriage are a Happily Ever Borrowed and The Knot . Both offer e-commerce capabilities for weddings, hire wedding accessories for your wedding day. The big difference is in presentation and usabalidade site, as you can see in the image below.

With great visibility, community wed-tech startups are increasingly working to present a more positive experience, fun and personalized in the form of planning weddings. Whether you’re planning a wedding or just interested in developing the technology, here are some sites of wed-tech that will revolutionize the “I accept.”

Finding inspiration through

The site is a search tool that provides an inspirational first-line partners to offer its users good custom images “cloud scrapbooks.”

See How New Web Companies Want to Cash in on Weddings 2

This week the site launched its first e-commerce partners, including The Wedding Suite at Nordstrom (who send their products alongside Brazil) and Kwwiat Fine Diamond Jewelry, which allows users to connect directly with stores in which they present inspirational sources images. The goal is to provide the a single destination for brides to find inspiration and its results, even now offered for purchase.

Have a video you really dreamed of Wedding Mix

The Wedding Mix gives couples an edited video of your wedding, compiled from images sent directly by the guests. This type of video gives the couple multiple perspectives of different guests, all edited videos later. All within budget and affordable.

See How New Web Companies Want to Cash in on Weddings 3

The Wedding Mix emerged from a startup that focused on converting video tapes to digital.With this technique, the co-founders, who were engineers at Ford, using production processes and automation, applied his knowledge to create videos. They have so many requests for weddings videos, which was a natural transition.

Get great candid shots by Wedding Snap

With the Snap Wedding , guests can upload all your photos to an album centered so that the couple can see later. While wedding photo albums are expensive and try to sell to customers is a boring task, the Wedding Snap allows guests to use a mobile application or web browser to send photos to an album the couple instantly available for viewing, editing and sharing. The Wedding Snap has customers in over 15 countries and more than 500 U.S. cities.

See How New Web Companies Want to Cash in on Weddings 4



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