Three Ways to Enter the Grenade in Your Diet

Three Ways to Enter the Grenade in Your Diet 2

A few weeks ago it’s time to grenades and we love this fruit are lucky. Besides having a pleasant taste has much benefit, especially for us athletes. Like any fruit, the pomegranate has vitamins and minerals, but it has more nutrients that make it special.

The characteristic color of pomegranate is red, and that can only mean one thing, which is rich in antioxidants . Furthermore only 61 kcal per 100 grams, perfect if you want to hydrate your juice or mix it with bread to make toast.

Nor lacks fibre , yes, we need to take in to add the juice from the pulp that remains in the juicer, but we are discarding the fibre. If the juice is a little bitter you a touch of sugar will be perfect.

And like cherries, pomegranate antiinfamatorias properties , which would also be advised to take after a workout where we destroyed sugarcane muscle fibers and have left the muscle swelled.

A glass of pomegranate juice is perfect, we can toggle it with orange juice in the morning or afternoon fruit. Also a good idea to put the beans in a salad, give it a nice touch of flavour.

If there is a fruit with great flavour and many nutritional benefits now in autumn, that is the Pomegranate.Its attractive color betrays their antioxidant content, which is critical in an athlete’s diet. I love pomegranate and today I will recommend three ways to enter the pomegranate in the diet .

    • Pomegranate juice : there’s nothing like drinking a glass of pomegranate juice after an intense workout. Hydrate addition, we replace some energy and get the valuable antioxidants. Also a good idea to mix it with orange juice or lemon for those you like sour tastes.
    • Granada in the salad : try to throw some pomegranate seeds in your salads, you’re getting a touch too rich. I recommend it especially using the canons on salad and some goat cheese.
    • Granada on toast : check chorreoncito olive oil on toast and then some pomegranate juice or grains. The toast is very soft and pleasant taste.

There are many benefits that pomegranate juice , do not hesitate to introduce this fruit in autumn now. In our neighbour blog Live to Palate many pomegranate recipes that can give you more ideas to introduce this fruit in the diet.

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