Video-Brush “Tooth Guardian” Show the Oral Cavity from the Inside

Video-Brush Tooth Guardian Show the Oral Cavity from the InsideGroup of Asian designers introduced a device called Tooth Guardian. Externally, it is usual electric toothbrush, work with oridinary toothpaste but it built a tiny camera that allows you to independently assess the Cavity or purity of the teeth and their condition.

The camera in the Tooth Guardian – a miniature CCD sensor, equipped with a LED backlight for better viewing conditions of the mouth. When enabled, the camera in the Tooth Guardian transfers the image to display, whose role in this case carries a mirror in the bathroom.

It should be clarified that an ordinary mirror is not able to display video received from the camera in the Tooth Guardian, so in the box, developers are encouraged to include a special screen that has a mirror surface. This display not only displays what the camera shoots, but also has a special area, sterilizing your toothbrush after brushing. This process uses ultraviolet rays. By the way, the authors reported the concept that if their device will be made, the package will include just two brushes.

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