Valentino, The Fashion Show Goes 3D

The designer Valentino has presented the first gallery of digital 3D fashion, available for both Windows and Mac.

Valentino, The Fashion Show Goes 3D

Fashion designer Valentino Garavani has presented to audiences in New York the first museum of fashion in 3D: It is a project born more than two years ago, the designers and programmers who have worked for a long time and now can finally prove to the public, allowing users to dive into the world of fashion in a single click.

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The museum is available in the form of application for Windows and Mac platforms, and although the catalog is shown rather large (300 different clothes and a gallery of about 1000 square meters), the software is light and fast: most information is stored In fact, in the cloud , which are downloaded from the details of what you see as you navigate within the gallery set up by three-dimensional designers in collaboration with many employees work in the field of 3D modeling.
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The clothes in the digital collection of Valentino can be viewed in detail, rotated to get a view all round and in some cases are enriched by a series of additional information which allow you to recreate an experience rather than real. What has been achieved thus represents an important example of how the digital world can meet many other sectors, although some things still needed: three-dimensional models are reportedly improved under different points of view and such a project might get more visibility if it is available as web-app, or application for mobile devices.


Valerie Steele, director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where the presentation took place, has hailed the new project weblog Valentino, stressing that from now on many other designers could follow in his footsteps and present new solutions for three-dimensional allow users to visit their collections while sitting comfortably at home.

Source: Mashable
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