This Tree of Many Colors is a Masterpiece of Nature

eucalyptus-The Earth hides fascinating corners, incredible unique places where nature is able to show authentic original beauties. Exploring the rich biodiversity that inhabits our planet, we can always run into great natural creations such as Eucalyptus deglupta , amazing eucalyptus colorful native Philippines.

This tree represents, without a doubt, the masterpiece of the most beautiful nature . Although it seems a real artistic picture, painted by scholars purpose biologists who observe their growth, the fact is that this colorful eucalyptus is completely real.

eucalipto-2Known as the rainbow eucalyptus for its amazing shades usually grown as an ornamental tree . Also called gum Mindanao , and is the only species of eucalyptus that was originally found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere . However, its natural range is in regions like New Guinea, New Britain, Sulawesi and Mindanao.

eucalipto-3The fascinating colors that can be seen on the trunk of this tree are due to changes in the bark of eucalyptus own. It moves on an annual basis, but the interior green gets darker, changing their tones to amazing red, blue, yellow and other pretty colors, as shown in the images. The cultivation of eucalyptus, besides its ornamental function currently serving in paper production .

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