Tomato Recognized as Most useful Product by American Nutritionists

Tomato Recognized as Most useful Product by American NutritionistsBased on a recent study American nutritionists,  ranked the ten most useful products . Thus, the tomatoes are on the first place because of the high content of antioxidants in tomatoes, thanks to which the body slows down the aging process. This conclusion was made after  regular studies of U.S. dietitians.

Second place goes to the sweet pepper, which contains vitamins C, B, folic acid and lycopene. On the third – berries, which have a unique complex of vitamins and minerals. The fourth place is occupied by soy nuts, which can rightly be considered a worthy substitute fat and calorie conventional nuts. This is followed by yogurt , it contains minerals and bacteria, useful for intestinal microflora. 

On the sixth dropped spinach, in the seventh broccoli, known anti-cancer properties.  Eighth place was given to low fat beef, which is high in protein and minerals, has settled more olive oil which is the best source of monounsaturated fats. Ten closes wild salmon, rich in protein and omega3  acids.

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