Three Myths About Caring for Your Teeth

Three myths about caring for your teethMyth number one: you can not clean your teeth, because even “the wolf does not brush his teeth and eats a mare.”

Of course, there is an effect of the natural self-cleaning of the teeth when we eat an apple or a carrot. But in any case, the foods that we eat, there are carbohydrates, acids, tannins, not to mention the meat, the protein whose structure is an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. Microorganisms and their metabolic products form a plaque on the teeth, which demineralize and soften the hard tissue of the tooth, causing tooth decay.

Incidentally, the biggest misconception that animals are no cavities. And, paradoxically, the closer the animal to human habitation, the more it looks like our diet, the higher the probability of caries. Mice and rats that live beside us, it appears, too, suffer from tooth decay! Therefore, brush our teeth, if possible, after each main meal. But here emerges

Myth number two: if you often brush your teeth, the enamel is affected.

It is not, in fact, plaque, which was mentioned above, there are already 6 hours after the last teeth cleaning, and 48 hours later turns into a real tartar and clean the teeth of his ordinary toothbrush becomes quite problematic. Of course, for oral care need to choose the right toothbrush and remember that the teeth should be cleaned easily and safely and not less than three minutes, but we’re sure you already know it from childhood.

Myth number three: white teeth can be obtained by chemical bleaching.

Whiter than nature made them, you are your teeth still are not done. Darkening of the teeth causing all sorts of external factors such as nutrition, smoking, drug use, and whitening toothpaste can restore the natural whiteness of teeth only. While there, veneers and metal-can make your dream of a white-toothed smile of a Hollywood reality, and whether the dream of effort has to decide for you.

And with what other myths about caring for the teeth facing you?

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