The Evolution of Mobile Phones by Kyle Bean

The Evolution of Mobile Phones by Kyle BeanIt has been many years since the first mobile phone. Many will remember that first model called Motorola DynaTAC 8000X that appeared on the market in 1983, becoming a success.That first cell phone was analog and its battery lasted only an hour’s conversation. In many places it was known as brick or brick in English, for its size up to 30 centimeters and 800 grams.

Since then the evolution of the mobile phone has been accelerated thanks to new companies joined the party scene, and its constant innovation in terms of features and functions of these devices.

This evolution in time of the phone has been immortalized by British designer Kyle Bean from the first Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

Mobile Evolution is a work consisting of nine models made of cardboard and presented as the famous nesting dolls . All parts are hollow, so that each piece keeps inside a new smaller piece and so on in a string as long as you like.

The Evolution of Mobile Phones by Kyle Bean

This concept of Bean shows the decrease in the time of the cell size down to the devices we have today. The same would happen with laptops, if we do exercise, and I think it would be a fun experiment to show the younger generation technology early in the terms mobile and portable, you certainly have varied greatly in size.

Mobile Evolution is a limited edition of only 100 copies , numbered and signed by the artist. The cost is $ 40 and are available in Vespoe .

It is certainly a nice piece to have at home, especially for hardcore nostalgic. If I’m honest, just recognize some of them but I put a challenge How many of you are able to name the nine models?


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