Six Things, Never Talk with Cancer Patients

Six Things, Never Talk with Cancer Patients

1. Never ask, ” What help can I get for you? ” or ” Do you need my help? “

This is a very ungainly sentences when talking to the victims of cancer. Because when you ask how it is like you are acknowledging that they are worthless human beings.

2. Do not hide the fact that they had cancer

If one of your relatives may not suffer of cancer, the first thing you need to do is to confess honestly tell them the truth. If you keep trying to hide this, once they know they will suffer and “hate” you more.

3. Stay away from questions related to timing issues and opportunities

You never ask silly questions like: ” Your Opportunity to live high? ” or ” The doctor said you live much longer? “.

4. Do not ever mention those who have died of cancer

Unfortunately, in the medium with your neighbors who died of cancer, you absolutely should not tell them this story.

5. Do not talk about hair fashion

These cancers often shave their heads to treat. Therefore, you should not mention problems with their hair, this is like you are insulting them.

6. Do not repeat the saying, “Everything will be alright”

Unfortunately patients with cancer are falling into the state of fear and insecurity, but not so that you keep repeatedly said the sentence: ” Everything will be alright . ” It is this will make patients more worried.

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