Step Forward, New Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment

Step forward new breakthrough in cancer treatmentAmerican scientists have achieved breakthrough progress in the treatment of cancer, with technology as the cancer cells glow under special light.

Dr. Peter Kuhn and colleagues at the Scripps Research Institute in California (USA) has developed successful methods of cancer cells stained with fluorescent substance, which scientists can easily detect them in the special light.

Dye containing antibodies to the bloodstream throughout the body in the body. We will stick to the proteins of cancer cells. The cancer cells were tagged antibody staining will glow in special light conditions.

This technology has been tested successfully on 70% of patients with breast cancer, 80% of patients with prostate cancer and 50% of patients with pancreatic cancer. These trials will pave the way for widespread application of this technology in treating many different types of cancer.

Professor Peter Kuhn, who led the research, said:

This technology can help doctors diagnose the severity of the tumor. From there, they can make decisions on the most effective treatment for patients. 

In addition, technology tinged cancer cells by fluorescent tool can help doctors clarify the mystery of the metastasis of the tumor – the phenomenon of cancer cells from body to body in the body.

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  1. I’ve just had a robotic prostatectomy for early prostate cancer. I tell you, the anticipation is far worse than the actual surgery, and you’ll just love the anaesthetic which is a way cool drug called Propofol.? I had my test results back today and it looks like the cancer’s all gone, and I’m recovering nicely from the operation. I’ve still got some way to go but I can look forward to getting my life back. thanks! @DAISY:)


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