Some Important cancer prevention

Some Important cancer prevention Research published in the journal “reserve” (USA) points out that paying attention to a small following methods can help your body strengthen the body against cancer.

When you feel abdominal distention, pelvic pain, frequent urination, you should go see a doctor quickly. These symptoms likely related to ovarian cancer, especially when pain occurs suddenly and frequently. If timely detection and treatment before cancer cells metastasize, the survival rate continued in the next 5 years will reach 90-95%.

Avoid taking unnecessary projection

CT scanner is a very accurate test instrument but with radiation. If abused, the body receiving large amounts of radiation can cause leukemia.

Use of alternative forms such as ultrasound or magnetic resonance machine etc..

The water naturally

This can help limit the intake of substances cause cancer. Because research shows that the average U.S. plastics can contain harmful substances such as BPA.

When water storage, use glass or stainless materials.

8 glasses of water a day

Enough water (water or other liquid) can neutralize the concentration of carcinogens in the fluid state, and makes such substances through the bladder rapidly excreted, thereby achieving effective result is lower risk of bladder cancer.

American Cancer Society’s recommendations, we should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Eat more whole grains

Cereal bran layer has not been removed will help prevent cancer effectively. As more and eating fine food, the risk of colorectal cancer is increasing.

Dry Limit

A 2010 study by the U.S. Environmental Institute found, in the dry cleaning process will have to use perchlorethylene, causes liver cancer, kidney cancer and leukemia. Experts recommend to wash clothes by hand washing with neutral water and dried under natural sunlight.

Blue clothing can resist the sun’s rays

The research findings Spain, clothes blue and pink is effective against the sun better than white and yellow. Of course, we also need to protect the head and neck, so walk the streets to remember a sun hat.

Marinated before grilling

Barbecue dish is quite popular among youth. However it produces carcinogenic substances when burned at high temperatures.

If you really want to eat, it is best to use lemon juice, soy sauce or other flavorings marinated at least 1 hour, thus can reduce 80% of the carcinogenic impurities.

Prevention of breast cancer advocacy

If you want to breast cancer prevention should exercise appropriate persistence. Every week 2 hours of brisk walking can make breast cancer risk reduction of 18%.


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