The Self-Luminous Woman and Mysterious Diseases

The Self-Luminous Woman and Mysterious Diseases

The phenomenon

A woman with special abilities that Nguyen Thi Mai (1972). She said on the night of 01.27.2007, while changing clothes to prepare for bed, pulling her hand through the abdomen and found the spot of light flickering after the fabric under the belly as bright spots.

During the day the dim trails only a few seconds and then dives right. At night, especially at night, her body glowing strongest.

To mysterious disease

Ms Mai said she recently learned the disease they are very mysterious. She has run more than 5 years treatment and still no results. Before the body can detect special ability, her bulging belly in an unusual way.

The good doctors of the hospital as Cho Ray, Cancer, Trung Vuong, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Tu Du has not told anyone she knows what disease.

There are hospitals all the conclusions of liver damage and then asked me to bring home any day or days to live there say the hospital 3 leaves open heart valves, pulmonary effusion, but no one correct conclusion what disease ” , Ms. Mai said.

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