Scientists Have Named the Exact Time of Meeting with Aliens

alianMankind may encounter with the aliens in the next 100 years, according to some members of the European Science Open Forum, which is being held in Dublin.

Thus, in the course of his speech British astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell felt that mankind can obtain evidence signs of life on other planets, including the reasonable.

 She said,

But are we ready for such meeting? Ever wondered about what to do with them? Maybe we should send them to the zoo or to eat?

According to Burnell, extraterrestrial life is likely to have rocky planets with carbon dioxide and ozone in the atmosphere. Says the scientist,

If we believe that beyond Earth is life, how we will declare the aliens about his existence? With whom they prefer to talk about? With journalists, the Prime Minister or the Pope? We must address this issue now

However, she noted that even if we find life on other planets, it will take many years to establish contact with them from Earth.

Here are some of her colleagues of optimism on the possibility of meeting with the aliens do not. According to them, extraterrestrial race that can reach the Earth is likely to colonize the planet, as well as when the Europeans invaded America after its discovery by Columbus.

 It is noteworthy that, according to statistics, 44% of Britons believe in the existence of extraterrestrials, and a third of respondents believe that humankind must deal with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and try to establish contact with him.

And last week, the UK National Archives has published 6700 pages of previously classified documents related to UFOs. Of these, in particular, it was announced that the Government of the United Kingdom showed an interest in extraterrestrial life, and ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998, even convened a meeting on UFOs.

Laid out in the archive also contains many documents relating to the purposes of visiting the Earth by aliens. As it turned out, the question of why aliens visit the “minor planet orbiting the star uninteresting”, asked for another meeting of the House of Lords in 1979.

And the message “extraterrestrial intelligence” from the meeting of the Government in 1995 states that the potential alien visits may be made to “military intelligence” or the “scientific” or “tourism” purposes. That is why for the UFO “should be a priority set to” monitor, it was emphasized in the report.At the same time the scout still said that while the aliens are not showing “hostile intent”.

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